Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 10

marker back at ya with the top 10 stupidest things i've done
feel free to make your own in the comments
10. Shaved my nuts
-nuff said
9. Getting Clear internet
Expensive shit, slow as fuck
8. Not signing up for college
times running out
7. Following a link promising pirated software, but sending me to a different website to be tracked by the fbi -_-;
6. Caterpie mission
-check the 4chanarchive in /v/, you'll find it. horrible idea for me.
5. showing nudes of a lookalike at high school and getting expelled for it
-its a long story
4. going to /b/
3. becoming the admin of my own chan. so much cp posted i'm bound to get in trouble.
2. falling in love
1. Cock blocking myself, over 9000 times
Fuck you i was nervous


  1. 1: Fall in love with my best friend
    2: Built things without doing any research into them.
    3: Said things when I shouldn't have.
    4: Said nothing when I really should have.
    5: Moved from my home town.
    6: Burned family bridges I shouldn't have.
    7: Getting fat.
    8: Not getting skinnier quicker
    9: Not caring about school
    10: Not living my life so far to the fullest.

    Clickbacks appreciated.

  2. showing some love refreshed 5x, links clicked!


  3. Haha dude I looked up the caterpie mission. I'm guessing you never got too far. I might try something like that myself.

  4. @Mr.Washingtub
    Nah dude I got to the elite 4! But i can't beat them man :(
    Heres my video of me beating Koga. I was to lazy to upload the rest :P

  5. Haha. That's a pretty harsh top ten list.