Saturday, August 28, 2010

top 10

this is a section i will do... when i feel like it lol
this time its top 10 football teams this year
who i believe will come up on top in the nfl
1. Ravens
Their offense will be as solid as their defense
2. Packers
3 superbowls aren't enough, and with aaron rodgers in, just watch out
4. Saints
superbowl defending champs won't hold it 2 years in a row
5. Colts
Fucking peyton manning
6. Bengals
T.O. and Chad 86 aren't anything to laugh at
7. Cowboys
Hate em but they'll still do good
8. Titans
Vince young will only get better
9. Vikings
I just hate putting favre here, but i can't deny he deserves to be in the top 10
10. Jets
Mark sanchez is going to have a horrible year but the defense willl even it out


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  2. i have no what the hell are those teams

  3. I like the North Korean national football team, imagine the lulz if they won the fifa world cup lol.